Friday, July 1, 2011


First, my interview was great yesterday.  I was really worried, because I realized that I didn't have professional shoes.  With the type of work I do now standing on my feet all day, you go for comfort not for style.  My very extensive shoe collection of the past is something that has been lost upon the way.  I was really upset thinking this could be the difference in me getting the job, but there is no way a new pair of shoes is the budget. 

But, if she noticed them at all, it didn't bother her in the least.  This was the best interview I have had in three years.  I am trying not to get overly excited in case it doesn't go my way, but my confidence is growing a bit everyday.  I think that is a big part of what is going to get me through this. 

Kim's (not sure if I should be using her name or not) neighbor also had some odd jobs she wanted done in her yard.  The money she gave wasn't very much, but she did give me a hotel room for the weekend.  Her husband had reward points that she used.  Oh my, sleeping in a real bed again is glorious.  It also had a tub so I took a really long bath and soaked.  I watched a movie on HBO, watched Fox News, and slept for 12 hours straight.  I had no idea that I was that tired, but I guess I really needed it.  I have the hotel room until 11 am on Sunday.  I am not checking out one second early.  It is really nice.  The one night I did pay for a motel room it wasn't very nice or clean, but I was really sick and just needed to sleep in a bed for a few hours.  But, that threw my finances off the following week about gas and food money.  So I just can't afford that even as a little treat. 

The humidity is supposed to be awful this weekend so I am glad to have a few good nights of sleep.  Because I can't keep my car running all night, so what I do is when I have enough gas is to get the car as cold as possible before I nod off and hope that I can't stand the heat for at least five hours.  I have been lucky, so far this summer has been mild with the humidity.  I come from New Hampshire originally, so the humidity is not something I am used to.  It happens there, but nothing like down here.  You can get by without air conditioning there, it usually cools off at night and an open window is all you need. 

I also put out some feelers on Craig's list about doing odd jobs and I hope to get a little work that way too.  It also helps to use up some of the hours of the day.  Kim and her neighbor gave me some suggestions.  So we will see how that works out. 

I will start working at the summer camp next week.  I don't know a great deal about kids, but I do know the bible somewhat.  So I think I can relate to them in that respect.  I will be helping with the crafts.  It should be fun and if not, it is only a few weeks.  It will give me some cushion in my bank account.  I had to get my car registered and renew my driver's license so that took up a good chunk of my paycheck this week.   But I needed to keep all that legal. You will get caught here, no way around that.  Cheaper to pay now then get a ticket with a big fee later. 

I will try and write more tonight, but who knows I may sleep another 12 hours!!!

Have a good day!!


  1. Came over via The Conservative Lady. I just want you to know I'm proud of you. You are not taking the 'easy' way out. You will find a job. I just know it.

    Keep safe, and know, there are a lot of us out there rooting for you.

  2. Linda:
    Thank you very much for your kind words. I am trying to stay positive. I don't know who the conservative lady is, I will try and find her blog. I hope you enjoy your holiday.

  3. Maybe it wasn't the Conservative Lady. I'll find it and post a link in the comments.

    Find a church to go to tomorrow!


    Just a Conservative Girl! My 'Old-timers' was working overtime!