Friday, July 29, 2011


Sorry I have not been around for a while.  Time has kind of escaped me this week. 

It hasn't been a good week for me. 

The bookstore that I hang out in a great deal is going out of business.  They have some great deal on books, but since I can't afford them it is meaningless to me.  But this may mean that I won't have any place to go that is air conditioned past 9.  Which will really stink. 

The other day I bought some groceries with virtually the last of my food money for the month.  The things that needed to be refrigerated I brought to work.  Today when I went to have my lunch I realized that the majority of the food had been stolen.  They left the pita bread that I brought to go with the hummus and spinach dips that I got on sale.  So all I have left until Monday is bread.   They also took my fruit and my yogurt.  This was very upsetting to me.  Somehow I doubt that they are homeless.  I don't get taking food that doesn't belong to you.  If they are that hungry they should ask.  This is the first time that I was able to buy melon in quite a while.  It is pretty expensive and since I don't have the ability to keep things I don't buy it.  I was really looking forward to eating that today.  It really made me mad because they went through the bag and took what they liked and left the rest.  Picky thieves, but thieves all the same.  I actually have another word for them.  But, I will leave that alone for the moment. 

This just added insult to injury with these groceries.  By sheer stupidity I shoved my car key into the bag on my way to the bus stop that morning and I didn't take it out and put it my backpack.  I left the key there and didn't realize it until it was too late.  I had to spend the night walking around because I couldn't get into my car.  I realize how lucky I am to have the car even more than I did before.  It may be a little easier to sleep on really hot nights outside, but I didn't like that at all. 

I have not gotten the test taken for my car yet.  I was going to do that on Thursday but that got thrown into chaos because of being up all night when I couldn't get into my car.  I have scouted out three locations that I can take it to.  I am going to get the test done at the cheapest place and then see where the best price is from the three.  I can only drive the car so far, so I can't be all that picky.  I am also hoping that I can be allowed to buy the parts myself.  Not all places will allow you to do that.  I do know that the fan is not working, but I don't know if that is because of the switch or because of it really needs to replaced.  The fan was less expensive than I thought.  It isn't all that much more than the hose.  I find that strange, but that is what I saw on Advanced Auto parts when I looked it up. 

Have a good night. 


  1. I learned about your blog from The Conservative Pup and Just A Conservative Girl. I spent the afternoon reading every single one of your posts.

    I think you are strong and amazing. I shared your story with my teeny readership, and if you are curious what I said, it is here:

    Sorry about your frustrating day. In a large work enviroment, people easily excuse "refrigerator thievery" b/c they figure it's no big deal. Little do they realize. Kind of a good reason why the commandment Thou Shalt Not Steal is black and white with no excuses, huh?

    Let us know how much that car repair will set you back.

  2. I'm here via No One's blog, and I wish you all the best.

  3. Thanks for the update.

    You are remarkable.


  4. I came here via No One's blog as well. I haven't had a chance to read all of your posts, however I am moved by what I have read already. I'm sorry that life has decided to throw some wicked curve balls your way but I believe that your good perspective is what has kept you going as strong as you have so far. Don't ever give up... your destiny is still unclear but with your positive attitude, you'll pull through this fine.

    Please keep the information flowing... this world is full of generous people who can and will offer a helping hand. Things are a little tight for me right now but I will see what I can do to help. I will also get your message out there the best that I can, including sharing your story on my blog. Be strong and know that God works in mysterious ways.... He will come through when you need Him most.