Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Well I have to work today.  Even though it is long day just standing around waiting for the off chance that someone may come buy something, I like it.  It gives me something to do and makes me feel useful.  The days that I don't work are long and boring.  It is very hard to fill 24 hours.  I only sleep maybe five or six so 18 hours is a great deal of time. 

I have some observations about what I have witnessed over the past several months. 

I would love to understand why men pull into a parking lot of an open restaurant and still go to bathroom outside.  Makes no sense to me, but it may be a guy thing.

It is amazing to realize how much food people waste.  I see people throwing out half eaten sandwiches and the like all the time.  Not that I am garbage can digging or anything, but there are days that I am pretty hungry and I see these people throwing things away like that.  Such a waste. 

Why do smokers throw away half a cigarette?  They are very expensive. 

Since I spend all of my time out in public I have noticed that kids are getting really bratty.  I don't remember a time when my dad would have allowed me to pitch a fit like that in public.  If he said no, he meant it.  We didn't push him. 

When did reading a bible in public become so taboo?  I get really strange looks, like I am killing someone or something.  Very strange. 

Also, I want to say that I am very proud of myself for keeping my values and morals.  I found an envelope yesterday from the bank that had $500 cash in it, and I turned it in to security.  It did cross my mind to keep it, but someone worked hard for that money, and who knows maybe that would make the difference of them ending up like me.  I couldn't have lived with myself had I kept it. 

I have some money saving tips that I can give you.  Things that I have found over the past year or so that have helped me stretch my money further. 

Don't buy stain remover.  Get a small container of baking soda and mix it water to form a paste.  It works much better and is much cheaper.  It will also help whiten your teeth. 

Highway driving really does require air conditioning.  The drag from keeping the windows actually costs you more gas than if you just turn on the air conditioner. 

Even if your skin is very dry, it is not evenly as dry.  Figure out which parts really need to the more expensive lotions and use the cheaper stuff on the rest of your body.  It will cost more at first, but over time you will see that save money. 

Don't use coupons unless you really were going to buy the item anyway.  Most coupons are for things you don't normally buy, so you are spending more money than you are saving.

Don't shop at places like Costco for paper and cleaning items if you are really broke.  Most of your money is sitting in closet instead of being used on things you can be using today and need more.

Beans and rice is very filling.  You can add chicken or sausage to it to add more protein. 

Raman noodles may be cheap but they are not very filling.  Spend that money on a can of something else that will fill you for a longer period of time. 

Don't drink while your eating.  It makes you full faster, but since it is artifical, you will get hungry again sooner.   Drink once you finish eating. 

Enjoy your day!


  1. Found you via another blogger. Your story is compelling. Wish we were closer as my wife is a headhunter. Best of results (it is never about "the luck"). Your spirit is strong and it will come your way.

  2. Thank you Mr. Deekaman. I am grateful for your kind words and thoughts. I wish your wife could me too!!! But I am feeling better and better that I will find something soon.