Sunday, July 24, 2011


My least favorite day of the week.  I did catch a bit of a break tonight.  I was allowed to hang out somewhere for well past how long I thought they would let me stay.  So that was nice.  A much welcomed extra 90 minutes of air conditioning. 

The heat has been pretty brutal.  But I have figured out a few ways to make it a little more bearable.  I have some small face clothes with me.  I get them wet and then wrap it around a bag of ice.  I put the around my neck so that helps.  I can at least fall asleep for a while. 

Since I have not been in this situation in the winter I can't say which is worse full summer heat or full winter cold.  I would think they both equally as dangerous.  I can't imagine I will still be in this situation when the winter comes.  But, I will tell you I would welcome an end to this heat wave. 

I realized today that I had my soap with me, I thought I had put it in my storage unit.  So that was another piece of good news.  I don't have spend money on it, and I can get my hands back into shape.  They feel like I have little needles sticking in them.  I also have all this peeling skin.  I never realized my skin was this sensitive.  I have never had these issues in the past. 

I treated myself to a movie last night.  I found a coupon online and only had to pay half price.  I went to see Friends with Benefits.  I fully expected it not to hold my attention and I would take a nap.  It was a funny movie.  A lie of a story line that sex and emotion are mutually exclusive of one another.  They are not.  But it was funny all the same.  One of things that I liked about it was how they mocked romantic comedies in the movie.  Justin Timberlake is a good actor. 

They seem to play movies in this theatre almost all night.  So I hung around in there until late.  I went into where Bad Teachers was playing.  I don't feel bad because I did fall asleep so I didn't watch a movie I didn't pay for.  I also think they expect people to do that and that is why they charge so much.  A box of Thin Mints was $5.  Who would pay that?  You can go to the Safeway and get them for $1 sometimes.  I didn't have any candy with me, but I did bring in my own drink.  They must have a huge profit margin. 

I should look that up sometime.  If I ever get rich I am going to invest in multiplexes. 

In any event, it was nice to feel like a normal human being for a night.  I just a girl out to the movies.  Granted I was alone, but I have been to movies on my own before.  I also got some sleep in a dark cold room for a while too.  Bliss.

Have a good night

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