Friday, July 8, 2011


I have not posted all week.  I have been busy working at the summer camp.  I am enjoying it more than I thought I would.  I also have a great deal more respect for all you moms out there.  It is very hard work running after a bunch of kids.  They seem like good kids.  None of them really give me a hard time.  They get into little arguments over stupid things, but outside of that they listen and behave well. 

I am so tired that I am conked out early.  They have been very nice to me at the church, so I am very pleased that I have had this opportunity.  I can't go to work tomorrow at the camp because they are going swimming and it has something to do with the insurance or something.  Yet another state regulation that makes it hard for people to employ and employees to find jobs.  But, I will just go to my other job and I hope I get a few good sales. 

I have been thinking about a some things lately.  I had said earlier that I couldn't really do things differently.  One thing that I could have done differently was to cultivate friendships better than I have.  I was such a workaholic that I have not really had time to make close friends since I lived down here.  I have made two friends since this whole thing has started.  Which I am grateful for.  I guess this is one of the lessons that God needed to teach me, you need to let other people into your life.  That is something that has been hard for me.  I guess I have some issues with losing both of my parents by the time I was 16.  This is something that I need to work on. 

They are night and day from each other in almost every way.  But they have a friendship that seems to work for them and I am finding that I somehow fit into it.  One is a conservative republican who can tell you pretty much everything that is going on in the political world, the other is a liberal democratic who doesn't really pay attention to the issues.  I get this feeling she shows up at the voting both and votes for the democrat without fully understanding where they stand on the issues.  She keeps telling me that the government will help me get out of this.  I keep trying to explain to her that every government agency I have spoken to has given me lousy advice and has given me no real help at all.  But she is true believer in the government system.  I think the only cure for her is to get involved in it and she will see for herself that it isn't what she thinks it is.  She is a nice lady, but just doesn't have a clue on the differences on what it supposed to do and what it actually does.  I hope for her sake she never has to find out.  The help I have gotten has been from kind hearted individuals.  Which she and husband have been to me as well.  She just doesn't see connection. 

Well, I have to try and get some sleep.  It is humid tonight so sleep will not be easy. 

But I did treat myself to a lemonade.  I had a coupon so it only cost me 60 cents.  That I can handle.  It will cool me off a bit. 

Have a good night. 

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