Monday, July 11, 2011


I have a few minutes before my part of the camp starts.  I have to be here by 8:45 but I don't really do anything until 10.  Not a very effective way of using your staff, but whatever.  I think they have laws about how many adults have to be present. Like I said the church has been very nice to me and lets me use their internet. 

I am feeling a little better from yesterday.  I got some decent sleep last night (as much as one can in my position) so I am not quite as tired as I was.  But this morning I got this very strange look from some guy when I was going to back to my car.  I went into the restaurant to get my milk and use the ladies room.  You know people, I am not some animal on display for your amusement.  I am a human being that would like to have some self respect and dignity too. 

Yes, I sleep in a car. Yes, that is my home. But, I have a job.  Granted a very poorly paying one, but a job all the same.  I keep myself clean.  I have been able to keep up with my bills now that I am trying to come up with rent money.  I am not yelling at the imaginery people in my head.  Nor do I bother anyone.  I don't hit people up for food or money normally in an aggressive fashion.  I only did it once because I had no gas in my car and I only asked for one dollar so I could get one gallon of gas so I could to work (I had three dollars).  The man gave me twenty, which was very nice of him, and it enabled me to get some gas and some food.  He was this Muslim man and he told me it was his responsiblity to help the less fortunate.  (he has given me money again when I saw him a few weeks later) But, my point being that I am not asking other people to pay my way because I am lazy.  I don't feel entitled to other people's money.  I appreciate the help that anyone is willing to give me, but I don't expect it.  This is my problem and at the end of the day I have to come up with the solution. 

I have noticed that a few other bloggers have taken notice (Thanks for that, by the way).  The traffic has increased (Kim showed me how to check).  If you get nothing else out of reading these posts, just remember the next time you pass a homeless person, they are human beings too.  Not all of us got here because of drugs or drinking.  Some of got here because of bad luck.  We are not zoo animals on display.  We have dignity too, at I least I try to anyway. 

Maybe I am still cranky today. 

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