Sunday, July 3, 2011


Well, my days in the hotel are over. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to feel like a real human being again, even if it was just a few days. 

I slept a great deal and that felt good.  I must have really needed to sleep for 12 hours straight two of the three nights.  I don't remember doing that unless I was sick since I was a little girl. 

We just had a big rainstorm that cooled it off a bit.  Which is a good thing because it was really hot and humid today.  I got myself all sweaty.  But luckily I have a full tank of gas so I could go to the gym and take a shower.  I keep my world very small so I don't use a great deal of gas unless I have to.  The gym is pretty far away from where I spend my time.  But, thanks to some very nice people who have left donations for me, I have been able to fill up my gas tank and pay all my bills this week.  I still have some leftover as well.  So I moved that into my savings account.  Well not a real savings account, but a second checking account.  I have to have a certain amount in my savings or they will take a monthly fee.  As meager as it is, I am glad that I have been able to add to it lately.  So thanks to the people who have opened their hearts to me. 

My church gave me a gift card to a grocery store today.  I figure if I spend $6 per day I can stretch it for the whole month.  That isn't really easy to do when you can't cook or have no refrigation, but at least I won't have to worry so much.  I have normally run out of money for food about three days before I get paid again.  The food banks are no help to me since the food they give you requires cooking.  But I have gotten some cereal from them and then I only need to get a small container of milk.  Sometimes I just eat the cereal dry.  It is not so bad.  I have grown very fond of cheerios.  I never really ate them before. 

One of the places that I go to for the free wifi has figured out that I am homeless and one of the ladies gave me a salad the other day.  She said it was a mistake.  I don't think it was.  So that was really nice of her.  It was really good too.  It had steak in it, that was quite a treat for me.  They don't seem to mind when I fill up my water bottles.  So I am thankful for that.  They don't have any openings, but the manager told me if something comes up he will give me the job.  They have gotten used to me I guess, I go there everyday.  I try and buy something there every payday so I don't feel so bad about using their resources, but it isn't always possible, as they are out of my price range.  Almost $10 for a salad.  I can eat for two or three days on ten dollars. 

I am looking forward to the holiday tomorrow.  The fourth is my favorite holiday.  I just love fireworks. 

I hope yours is safe.

Have a good night.

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