Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have a dilemma.  I normally don't pay attention to weather reports.  It really does me no good since I am outside the majority of the time anyway.  But today I saw in paper that it is going to be at least 105 on Friday and the heat index should reach more than 115.  This is a high humidity area, so it will be brutal.  My dilemma is do I rent a motel room for the night?  I can't imagine I will get much if any sleep with type of heat.  But if I rent a motel room I using money that really needs to saved.  I can get a motel room for $66.  Not an excessive amount of money, but still a great deal to me. 

I was thinking that maybe I should just wait and see how it goes, but that really isn't a good solution.  If I am going to spend that much money I should get the room for as long as possible.  Check in right from work and stay until check out at 11 the next morning.  I don't want to go there in the middle of night.  That is a complete waste of money as far as I am concerned.  I don't get paid again until next Friday.  But I can move money from my pay pal account to cover the cost. 

I did this once before because I was really sick.  I was running a fever, had chills and body aches.  I needed a real bed for a few hours.  I tried one night in my car and I just got worse.  So I did spend one night in the motel and did feel much better the next day.  Especially after taking a nice long shower in the morning.  But, I barely had money for food until I got paid again.  That was even on pay day.  But, I have gotten much better at using less gas so my money is going further.  I also have more food supplies now then I did then. 

I honestly don't know what I should do.  I am going to move the money into my checking account just in case I really do need it.  But I really would rather not spend it.  I can stay in the bookstore until 11.  I can go to a McDonald's after that for a few hours.  That would mean I would really only have to deal with the excessive heat for about six or seven hours. 

I must save every dime I possibly can so I can find a permanent solution, not just a temporary stop gap about the heat.  I certainly don't want to still be in this situation once the temperatures are below freezing or snowing out. 

I guess I need to think about what the best course of action is. 

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