Saturday, December 24, 2011


Well, I survived Christmas Eve.  I had a good night.  I was invited to someones house to celebrate with their family.  It was fun, but a little sad for me.  Sad, because it wasn't my family that I was with, but fun because there were little kids there and they had so much fun.

I have always opened gifts on Christmas morning, but they do it on Christmas Eve.  We went to a church program with a live nativity scene, had a big dinner and then opened gifts.  I was a little surprised about how they do the gifts.  I guess I expected to see tons of presents for the kids, but they do only three gifts each.  She told me that was what Jesus got so she doesn't see the need to give her kids more than that.  I never would have thought of that myself, but it is a good point.  They also don't exchange gifts between adults she says Christmas is about a birth of a baby, and it should be about the children.  We also watched the Sound of Music while the kids played with their new toys.

There was some not really good fish that smelled.  I don't feel bad saying that because I was warned that it was smelly, but she says it is not Christmas without it.  I tried it, but I didn't really like it very much.  The sauce was good, but the fish was not really my cup of tea.  The little girl ate it up though, which I found to be funny.

I am going to sleep good tonight and I guess I will nap most of tomorrow.  I don't get to sleep in a bed too often so I want to take advantage of it.  I was given some leftovers for tomorrow so I don't have to spend any more money on groceries so that helps me out.

I am grateful that I have a place to stay tonight and tomorrow night.   All and all I can't complain.  I miss my Aunt, but I talked to her earlier and she is having a good day and they have activities planned for them tomorrow.  So she is in good hands.  I don't have to worry about her being alone.  I know she worries about me as much as I worry about her.  It has been hard on me to hide this from her, but I know it is the right thing, because she isn't in a position to help me and it will just make her sick with worry if she understood the situation.  So this is best.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

I also want to say a very deeply felt thank you for those that found it in their hearts to help me out and to those who sent me special wishes for Christmas.  Your generosity has humbled me.  I really am going to be short for the next few weeks because of the time of year and not making much money this month.  This will help me make sure I can pay my bills and have food until my next paycheck in January.   I can hardly keep my eyes open so I am going to get some sleep.

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