Friday, December 30, 2011


I thought I had things worked out for where I could go for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, but that didn't end up working out.  Now I have no place to go and everything will be closing early.  This won't be fun.  I won't even be able to get to a shelter because I have to work on tomorrow and when I work it is too late to get into the shelter.  So I am going to on my own.  I am hoping I can at least go to a movie.  I have never gone to a movie on New Year's before, I am not even sure they are running movies.  I know that they do on Thanksgiving.  I will have to check that.

Also it is going to be very cold Monday and Tuesday nights.  Down in the mid teens.  But I can get to a shelter on those two nights so I will be ok for that.  Tonight is going to be great sleeping weather, not even below freezing.  So I will sleep well.  I didn't sleep well at all on Wednesday night because I was too chilly.  I wasn't really cold, but chilly.  I am not sure if that makes sense.  But I kept waking up.  I looked like the walking dead on Thursday.  But I did sleep well Thursday night.

I was thinking I would stay in a hotel this weekend, but I just didn't have a big enough paycheck to afford it.  It really was a joke.  The lowest paycheck I have gotten in about a year.  Only $220 for two weeks.  I had to pay my storage bill, put more money on bus card, and keep money for my phone bill which is due before I get paid again.  That pretty much took everything that I have.  I do have some cash, but not much.  But I will be ok on food.  I can go to the place that serves food to the homeless next week.  I don't go all the time because it is not close by for me, but when I am short I take advantage of it.  I am working a few extra days this week and next so that helps with food too.  I can use the microwave for soup and spaghetti o's.  I have this feeling that I will never want to see either of those foods ever again once this over.  But it has kept me fed.  I also have enough clean clothes to last for a while, so that will be good too.

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