Friday, December 9, 2011


I don't know if you remember but I had said previously that for the homeless feet are really important.  Well, this experience is really showing on my feet.  I have all kinds of blisters and my skin looks awful.  Most of it is because of them being sweaty so much of the time.  You are stuck between your feet being cold or being hot.  When it is cold you need to wear layers to stay warm, but you can't always find the sweet spot of being warm and being too hot.  When it was summer I could easily put lotion on them, but that is much harder now that I have all these layers on.

Tonight for instance is going to be right around the freezing mark so I need to have several layers on to sleep comfortably.  I slept fine last night and the temperature was about the same, but I had on tights and socks with a pair of lined boots.  Had I not done that I would have been cold.  I have tried sleeping in my sneakers in this weather and my feet feel like blocks of ice when I wake up.

My skin is also very dry, because with all the layers it is next to impossible to put lotion on in the evenings before I sleep.  So I get itchy because of the lack of moisture.

Just one more thing to look forward to when this is finally over.  Sleeping without socks with feet and legs that have just been doused in lotion.

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