Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I am having all kinds of trouble with my computer.  I don't know what is wrong.  Things won't open, it freezes up for no reason, I have to keep rebooting it.  The computer is old, maybe it is on it's last legs.  I don't have the money to get it repaired let alone a new one, so I can pray that it lasts until this nightmare is over.

I finally heard back from the one church I was waiting to hear back from.  But all they can offer is me is food and clothes.  I have money left over from my gift certificate for food that should last me until the end of the month if I am careful.  Also she told me that they could give me cereal and cookies.  Not to sound ungrateful, but cookies?  Is that what I am supposed to live on?  But this is what happens when you can't cook.  The food bank food is of no use to you. 

Well, they tried.  I told the woman that I would work in someone's yard to make money.  I don't care what I do, as long as I get paid.  Well, I should be more careful, there are things I won't do.  But I will do anything that is legal and moral. 

I am trying to watch the debate, but it won't load on my computer.  So I guess I will read about it tomorrow, as long as the computer doesn't completely die between now and then. 

Wow, I can't believe how well I slept last night.  I said I was really tired, and boy did I sleep last night.  I didn't wake up until almost 11 today.  I have not slept that late in my car since this has all started.  I knew I needed it, but normally I just can't sleep that late.  So I feel better today. 

I hope you all have a good night. 

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