Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Part 2

I finally found the jobs report for September.  Not good news again.  Matter of fact, very bad news.  Honestly, I don't know what I am going to do.  It is compounded by the fact that the cold weather will be here very soon. 

I did get to speak to the person who said she would help me get me clothes, but she is in a bad way at the moment.  Her unemployment will be gone soon, if not already gone.  That was the only source of income she had.  Now, she has nothing.  She has a friend who gives her work when she can, but I don't think it is all that much.  She has pay for food, gas, her car insurance, and other things too. 

That young man I kept seeing is really homeless, I saw him in the middle of night just walking around with just his t-shirt and shorts on.  While it is not too bad during the day, you need something heavier in the night.  I also noticed that this one man who I see sleeping all the time is a maintenance man, but I guess he isn't making enough to make ends meet either.  He is another who has a job, but just can't pay the bills.  I don't know his whole story, but it seems he is just like me.

It is amazing that this is happening in America.  People are losing everything that they have to this recession.  Desperation is setting in more and more.  It is too bad that the people in those protests in NY are really working for a different cause.  Because I would join in (in spirit) if I thought they were trying to help people like me.  I read their list of demands.  Downright comical is what they are.  No business could survive if they had to pay every employee $20/hour.  The prices of everything would triple. 

We need to stop the nonsense and find a way to spur this economy again.  People like me are only going to grow in numbers.  I know, I am at the front lines and I see it.  I see more and more people joining me in the all night restaurants for a lack of anywhere better to go. 

I still have not heard back from the three different homeless groups that I have contacted.  I saw some things on line for interest free loans from organizations to help tide you over.  I only really need $1,500 and I would find my way out of this, but no one has returned my call. 

I have another extra shift at work next week, so that helps a bit.  My paycheck is a good size this time around, but it is going to get sucked up with that ticket I got.  So I am right back to where I started.  On the outside looking in.

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