Sunday, October 9, 2011


I have been forced into finding a new place to sleep.  It actually is not so bad.  I didn't sleep so well the first night, but now I am ok.  I still have a place to use the ladies room so I will be ok.  But it was necessary.  The place where I was sleeping contacted the police.  That explains how I got pulled over earlier this week.  After thinking about it, there was no way that the cop could have seen the sticker on my car from where he was and where I was.  We were on opposite sides of the intersection. 

Anyway - I will get through this as well.  It just makes taking the bus to work a longer ride.  But I still have some things within walking distance.  I am even closer to a dry cleaner, and many of my fall and winter clothes are dry clean only.  I never thought about the cost of dry cleaning in my former life.  I just bought nice lined wool pants that I would wear with cashmere sweaters.  None of which will survive a laundromat.  I will need to be careful, because that is an added expense I can't really afford. 

The weather has been delightful this week.  Warm and sunny during the day and cooler at night.  It is going to stay this way all week.  Which is good for sleeping for me.  I have figured out how to keep myself warmer on colder nights though.  Layering thinner layers works much better.  Sleeping with a lot on is harder to do.  I also make sure that everything is fully covered.  Tuck in all shirts and put your pant legs into your socks.  If you don't have too much skin showing it just easier to stay warm.  I have only really been cold one night.  And that was before I bought another blanket and a mid weight coat.  The only thing that was really cold was my nose.  Like I said that was only one night. 

I have a lead on a job.  I am going to call the lady on Tuesday, so wish me luck on that. 

I am picking up my heavier clothes on Tuesday afternoon as well. 

I also heard back from one lady who was going to give me a good sale.  She originally told me she would be back in September and then never showed.  She called again on my day off last week and said something about moving and would be in to place the order.  She wants it delivered before Thanksgiving so she will need to place the order this week.  I also have another woman who told me she would be back on Wednesday and never came in.  She actually did come in and my co-worker, who is a snake of the highest order, told her she didn't know when I would be there.  My schedule never changes, I was due in twenty minutes later.  Plus she never told me that she was there.  Like I said, a snake.  All the managers know she is untrustworthy, but they don't do anything about it, because her sales are good.  Her sales are good because she lies to people.  She tried to steal a sale from me last week, I knew it was going to happen, so I went in on my day off to check the sales and sure enough she did.  I transferred the sale back to myself and told the manager.  She approved the change.  It was over a hundred dollars in commission.  Her husband has been out of work for close to two years or something, but she at least has a roof over her head.  I bet you anything she is taking government assistance, because there is no way she can support her family of four on her salary.  She isn't going to take my money without a fight. 

I am still picking up some extra shifts.  I also am doing this weird job of holding a sign at a busy intersection.  They pay me $25 for three hours.  It is boring, but every little bit helps.  But honestly, what else do I have to do? 

I am going to go and find the man who gave me money every week and thank him.  He is the only person there who didn't treat me like I was invisible.  We never really spoke, but he tried to help me.  And the money he gave me did help.  A few times that was all I had for the last few days before I got paid.  Most of the time I put it in the bank, but I have had to use it a few times for emergency flee bag motel stays while I was sick and during the hurricane. 

Have a good night all. 

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