Sunday, October 2, 2011


I have found three more homeless people.  Or at least people that I think are homeless.  One is very sad, he is really young.  He looks like he is still a teenager.  He doesn't have the proper clothes for the weather either.  I saw him asleep last night and he had his arms inside his very light weight t shirt.  I saw him again tonight and he was wearing a sweatshirt, but still hand on shorts and no coat.  It is cold and damp out and it is supposed to rain for the next three days or so. 

I have mentioned before that I don't know if it is becoming more prevalent or I am just noticing it more since I am in the same position.  I also came across this Asian woman, who seems so prim and proper.  But she is at this place every night.  Sitting with one cup of tea trying to keep herself awake.  She is middle aged, so you would think she would have some kids that could help her.  But who knows. 

I was glad to see that boy had a sweatshirt.  I was thinking I would have sweatshirts that could fit him once I pick up my heavier clothes.  Which I am going to do on Thursday.  I have enough with me that I will be OK.  I remembered that I had some things that I never got dry cleaned last year that were in the car.  I had four sweaters in there, two of which are cashmere.  Cashmere is very warm.  I normally only wear it in the dead of winter.  But I took them to the dry cleaner today so I will pick them up on Monday.  The other two sweaters are semi heavy, but will work until I get my heavier clothes.  My issue now is pants.  All the pants I have are lightweight for the summer.  But, I will have to make due.  I was able to get a medium weight coat for very inexpensively.  It has a fleece lining and I only paid $30 for it.  The woman who rung it up did it incorrectly.  I even asked her if that was correct, and she said it was.  When I looked at the receipt later, I noticed she gave me the coupon twice.  I suppose I should go back to the store and tell them, but I figure I did question it at the time. 

I also went to a different place to sleep the other night when I wasn't feeling well and there was another person sleeping in their car too.  See I have recently run into this issue of this young couple who are having sex in their car where I was sleeping before.  I really don't want to see that.  Porn movies have never held any interest for me, and I don't think a live show is any better.  I just don't get doing something like that in such a public place.  This is an area that has office buildings around, why would they pick a parking lot that people are going in and out of all the time instead of a more private location?  Maybe they want people to watch.  Who knows? 

I had a really good day at work today that will make up for all the days I missed earlier this week.  I sold as much as I normally do in an entire week.  I also looked up the sales for the days I was out, and I didn't miss anything.  I also had two messages from people who called to see when I was going to be back.  Both said they would come in when I am working again next week.  One sale isn't big, but the other is a good sized order.  So my paychecks are slowly becoming larger again. 

The car is still in disrepair, but it is better than it was.  So I am slowly getting that taken care of.  I have had no luck on the job front, but then again I have not done anything about that this week.  I barely could do anything all week.  I slept most of the time when I wasn't running to the bathroom.  I hydrated myself really well today and I am feeling better.  The massive headache I had for five days is almost gone.  Now that I can hold things down again I took some prescription Motrin that I had left over from a minor surgery I had a year ago.  I realize I should throw it away by now, but I kept for it emergencies, and I am very glad that I did. 

Even though I don't like the situation I am in, I do realize that I am much better off than some.  I, at least, have some protection from the elements.  I have some good blankets, a fleece lined coat and I also bought myself some heavier socks today.  For some reason they were on clearance so I got three pairs for $5.  The colors are not something I would normally buy, but hey, I am not going to complain.  All the other socks I have with me are just peds so I needed something heavier. 

Well I guess I bored you enough, so have a good night.

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