Thursday, October 27, 2011


I am still really tired.  I think I need one really good night sleep in a bed and until I get that I will remain like this.  It is supposed to get pretty cold this weekend.  So I am bracing myself for even less sleep than usual.

If you really wrap yourself up in blankets and have on the proper layers you can keep yourself warm for the most part.  It is just the exposed skin that will get really cold.  So basically it is just your face.  I got a hat that will cover my ears, so it will just be my nose that will get cold.

I am hoping that I will stay warm enough that I will still get about 6 hours of sleep regardless of temperature, but we will see how that goes.  I am not sure which night, but one is supposed to hover right around the freezing mark.

I will need to get anti-freeze for my car.  I have been using water to keep it filled up, but with the cold weather that won't be possible for much longer.  But that is going to be a very expensive proposition because it goes through it so quickly.  I am thinking I can mix it with water, at least for now.  Mechanics out there, let me know if I am right about that.

The shelter was not very nice, but it will be where I will have to go I guess.  Beggars can't be choosers, so it will have to do.  I think I found a place that I can store my car for not an exorbitant amount of money.  I am waiting to hear back if they have any more monthly passes available.  It is $110 per month.  Which is cheap for this area if the truth be known.  But a great deal of money to me.

I have started to be a little more open about my problems and have gotten some good suggestions from people.  So I am hoping that I can find a non profit that will be able to help me shortly.  It is just such a maze though.  You really just don't know who to turn to.

There is a big walkathon going on here next month sometime.  Most people will have no problem giving money to them, but won't give it to an actual homeless person.  I guess it is understandable since you don't want to give money to addicts, but in a sense you are anyway.  If you are going to give money to the homeless, you need to find an organization that works directly with the homeless and makes an effort to make them not homeless anymore.  Otherwise, you are just keeping them in the misery that they are living in.  While of course you want to give them food and shelter on cold nights, you are just keeping them homeless.  It doesn't change how they are living.

I was thinking to myself that I could to the occupy dc thing if I got really hungry one day, but I just read that they are not all that happy about helping the homeless either.  If I am not part of the 1% or part of the 99%, what part am I?  I guess that means I am a nobody.


  1. You're not nobody, you are somebody special, I hope you never forget that. I am so sorry that things are so rough, but it is good that you are starting to reach out to people. Please try to hang on, I know you are in the prayers of many.

  2. Hi Homeless and Conservative. First, let me assure you that you are valuable in GOD`s eyes and mine. You are in my prayers and will be until I know that you have a home and feel safe.

    You mentioned anti-freeze. YES, it is meant to be mixed with water; usually half and half. Believe it or not, anti-freeze doesn`t work well at all when it isn`t mixed. Stop by an auto parts store and ask a salesperson to check the coolant with a HYGROMETER and advise you on the proper mix ratio. He can also locate your leak - you did say the car goes thru it quickly. He may advise STOP LEAK as a temp. stop gap. Good luck. The checks will be free; sorry, the stop leak and anti-freeze are not.

    In my prayers (yes, plural) I get the impression that you should keep looking in churches for help; you may find someone willing to share their home with you. Also, the parts guy may know something. I like that you don`t want giverment help; avoid those strings as much as possible.

    Have faith that our LORD Loves you and will help you soon. My E-Friend Zilla is absolutely right, you are special and not forgotten, I promise ! I`ll be back !

  3. "I guess that means I am a nobody."


  4. Jesse Jackson used to say, "God doesn't make junk!"

    I can't stand Jesse Jackson. But he was right.

  5. Anonymous,

    Heh, even a broken clock is right twice a day !