Friday, February 3, 2012


I think this is one of the first times that I left a job interview without any idea of how it went.  It seemed fine.  I did some research on the organization beforehand and my list of questions was at the ready.  The conversation went smoothly.  I made no major faux pas that I am aware of. 

When I left I was given a nice handshake and a smile.  But they didn't say when they would making a decision or you will hear from so and so.  I have no idea if I will hear from them again or not.  It sounds like an interesting position, different than what I am used to, but that is a good thing I think. 

But, on the up side after leaving there I noticed a voicemail and it was an impromptu phone interview.  So, I had two interviews in one week.  I have not had that since I lost my job.  So I am taking that as a good sign that things are starting to turn around in the industry.  Which is a good sign for everyone because advertising departments are almost always the last to be hired back after a recession. 

I sent out three more resumes this week.  So if I hear back from even one I will be happy.  Again this is the most I sent out at one time in quite while.  The positions were just not there, but they are popping up more and more now. 

I still have that issue with my toe.  It doesn't seem to be healing at all.  But it is not getting any worse either.  I have been able to sleep without shoes most of this week.  I even slept without socks the other night.  Although, I will admit I should have had shoes on last night.  My feet were quite cold when I woke up this morning.  All and all I slept pretty well which is nice. 

It is going to be cold on Sunday night with ice.  But I just don't have the extra money for a hotel room so I will go back to the shelter I guess.  I need to be very careful how I spend my money with so much less coming in. 

I need to get to the food bank later this week for some cereal and maybe some fruit or granola bars.  The bars help fill me up when I can't afford to buy a good sized meal.  I also need some peanut butter for the protein.  I don't exactly like peanut butter all that much, especially without some jam, but even with the fat it is healthy for me.

But I do know this is getting closer to being over.  My biggest hurdle is almost behind me.  It is just a matter of waiting for some paperwork at this point.  That makes it easier to get through.  I just need to keep saving as much money as I can so when I find a more reliable source of income I can find a cheap room to rent.  I don't want to sign a long term lease, but that is really the least of my worries at this point.

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