Saturday, February 18, 2012


Work is just getting worse and worse.  One day earlier this week only $2000 was sold for the entire day and there were $900 in cancellations.  There is little point in staying at all.  I can feel free to get another part time job and not worry about being forced to quit this one in order to accept it. 

I can't imagine that they will keep the furniture section for all that much longer if these sales keep up this way.  You keep hearing things that the economy is showing signs of improvement.  Well, not from where I stand. 

I am down to very little money and not much hope of more coming in anytime soon.  But, I have been through this before and got through it and I will get through it again.  I try hard to stay positive.  Some days that is easier than others.  I didn't sell much at all today.  It was dismal, to be honest.  One of the two weeks for the pay period was OK,  the other week was awful.  I lost almost half my sales to cancellations, and one return due to damages.  The customer decided not to re-order and wanted their money back.  Not that I blame them, but it sure hurts me. 

This is a holiday weekend, too.  It should have been busy.  No such luck.  I think I should be fine because the forecast has the temperature higher than it did a few days back. 

It is too early to try and sleep, but I sure am tired. 

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