Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I had a pretty good night's sleep.  That is always a good thing.  It helps me throughout the day.  My problem now has become that it isn't quite as cold out so I am running into the issue that I get hot at some point in the night and kick off my blankets.  Then of course it gets colder and it wakes me up and I can't always get back to sleep.  So I have to figure out what are the proper layers for this new temperature range.  I guess I should try just two layers on top with my coat unzipped and then maybe I will keep my blankets on.

I think I won't be needing my boots anymore.  Which is good news since they are really the thing that caused all those skin issues with my feet.  They are pretty much gone at this point.  I still have one little area on my toe that the skin is a little strange but outside of that they are fine.

Another issue that I have is that my head is getting very itchy.  I guess I am not washing my hair enough.  Yesterday being a good example.  I tried to do it in the morning, but too many people were around for me to get it done.  I found a bathroom stall that has a sink with a faucet high enough that I can stick my head underneath it, but that restroom is very busy.  So I have to do it in the mornings before too many people are around.  I guess I could care less and do it anyway, but I don't like drawing attention to myself.  I am not breaking any laws that I know of (but with the way things are going, I probably am) but I still don't want the people here to call security.  If I get kicked out of this place I really have very other options of where to spend my time that are safe and have heat.  I ended up doing it later in the evening, but then I had to go to sleep with wet hair.  Nor really that big of deal since I can just braid it, but it gets cold to sleep with wet hair when you have no heat.

Another very bad week at work.  People are just not buying much furniture at this point.  It is going to get worse with these high gas prices.  That is the time that can be pinpointed that the sales really started to drop.  When the prices shot up a few years back.  That was the turning point for me and the beginning of this whole affair for me.

I realize that it is better than nothing at all but it is not a livable wage.  Everyone else I work with is married so they have another income to help them out.  But I am thinking that people are going to start looking for other employment.  Most of them have had a long time with the company and have some sort of pension plan that they want to qualify for and have stayed put for that reason.  One is only one year away, so I can't imagine she will leave.  It doesn't make sense for her to.  She will lose so much in the long run.  I don't know how long the others are away.  I never really paid much attention to the pension plan anyway since I didn't plan on staying that long.  I no longer qualify for it since I only work part-time now in any event.  I am vested with my 401(k) but I stopped putting money into it a while ago.  I figure I needed the money more now then decades from now.  I withdrew as much as they allowed me to when I got rid of my car loan and bought a lesser expensive car.  I lost money on that transaction but I don't have that monthly payment so I thought I would come out ahead of the game.  I realize now that buying an expensive car is stupid.  But I guess that was just my age and wanting to have something nice.  I can't imagine I will do that again.  I am finding out buying an inexpensive used car isn't such a grand idea either, but a new less expensive model is where I think I would go in the future.

I contacted some people about doing that tutoring for the citizenship test and I have not heard back yet.  I am hoping that will help keep my mind active and help pass the time.

I have a job interview early next week.  I have to do some research on the company so I have some good questions to ask.  I don't even know if that is true, but everyone tells you must do that to get the job.  So I do it.

I need to go to Walmart today or tomorrow.  I am out of some supplies.  I need toothpaste, talc, and deodorant.  I guess I should buy some different shampoo to help with my dry scalp.  But I think that may be more money than I need to spend right now.  I have plenty from when I used to be a Costco member so I don't like spending money on things when I don't need to.

Have a good day all.

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