Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I am feeling very tired today.  I slept well last night, so I am not sure why.  I guess it is the same old story about the lack of stimulation.  I have said many times this is the hardest part of being homeless.  They have what they call drop in centers for the homeless during the daytime hours.  At first I didn't understand why.  Now I know this is the reason.  The loneliness is very damaging over time.  I would think that you would also start to lose the ability to communicate with others over time.  I am lucky in the respect that I have to deal with people when I am at work. 

But you have to imagine when people know that you are homeless, they really don't speak to you anymore.  So even places that I go to regularly the people don't speak to me unless they have to.  This just leads to more feelings of isolation.

Oh, some good news.  The person who helped me months ago get to my storage space found a job!!!  Good for her.  It doesn't pay all that great, but it will help her get back on her feet.  It only pays $11 per hour, not a great wage.  But, if she is careful with her money she will be able to find a small room to rent and be OK.  I had not realized that she was so much older than I am.  She was telling me that she was getting to the point that she would have to file for early social security.  She didn't want to do that because it lessens the amount you get monthly.  Now she can hold off until she qualifies for the higher wage.  I don't know the ages for that kind of thing.  It is pretty far off for me, and lets be honest social security won't be around for people in my age range anyway.  I am on my own.  So I guess I am practicing for that now. 

She also had some serious health issues in December.  They found blood clots all through her legs and one was in her lungs when she was rushed to the hospital.  She was intensive care for a week or so.  She will be on medication for quite a while.  Some sort of blood thinner or something.  You have to remember when you are homeless and sleeping in a car, you are not getting a great deal of exercise and you don't full stretch out when you are sleeping.  She is shorter than I am so it may be a bit easier for her, but I sleep all curled up.  I have noticed that I have leg cramps often.  I walk as much as I can, but I have felt a difference since my gym membership lapsed. 

Well I am next for the job!!!  Soon.  I feel it. 

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