Sunday, February 5, 2012


The Superbowl is due to start in a few minutes.  I don't have anywhere to go and watch it.  I like watching the commericals.  I also like watching who sings the National Anthem.  I didn't even try and find out who was going to be performing today.  I think I saw somewhere that Madonna is doing the halftime show.  You would think after what happened with Janet Jackson some years back that the last person they would want is Madonna.  She is barely dressed on a good day.  I do remember dancing around to her music when I was in elementary school.  But my parents wouldn't let me dress like her or anything.  I doubt they would have given me a cd of hers either.  But I don't remember. 

It is cold and damp tonight and since it is Sunday and everything closes early that is not fun.  The positive was that they changed the original forecast from an ice storm to just rain.  At least I have that.  I am so tired again today.  But it is just boredom that makes me so tired.  I don't have the money to go anywhere. 

I was thinking that since I have been very good with my money this pay period I may try and find a sports bar to go and watch the game.  But since I fell asleep a while ago I am a little late for that now I guess. 

But I have to go root for the hometeam.  Well, almost hometeam.  My state doesn't have any major professional teams so Boston is as good as it gets.  I guess I should start looking at the teams here now, but I have never taking a liking to them.  Especially the basketball team, they deserve to stink. 

I am hoping to get to sleep early tonight.  I have a busy week coming up.  I have something to do every day this week.  That has not happened for me in a long time.  It really helps when I am occupied, not just to pass the time, but to keep my mind active.

You get used to sleeping in a car.  You get used to the weather elements.  You get used to sponge baths and not great meals.  But you don't get used to the loneliness and isolation. 

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