Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I was having an issue with my computer.  For some strange reason it removed my virus protection software and wouldn't allow me to reload it.  It kept telling me that I had a hard disk error.  Luckily, Mr. Christopher was able to instruct me about how to check my hard drive on my own and there is no problem other than piece of software.  He also gave me a name of something that I could download for free.  So I am able to get back on the internet without worrying about some bad guys doing God knows what to my computer.  So, thanks Mr. Christopher.

It has been a long week for some reason.  I am not sure why.  But I was able to get a nap yesterday afternoon which is always a treat.  I didn't sleep all that great last night.  My almost brand new battery is dead.  I have to take it to the place where I bought to get it replaced.  I am not paying for it again that is for sure.  I paid over $150 to get it installed.  That was only in September.  I just need to find my receipt.  It can't be possible that it isn't under warranty at this point.  This is the second time I couldn't get it started.  The AAA guy came and did some sort of diagnostic test on it and said my alternator and starter are fine, but the battery is completely dead, it has 0 CCM's I think he said.  He was able to get it started and then told me I need to drive it around and let it run for about 15 minutes to get it recharged.  I did that, but last night again it wouldn't start.  I didn't want to call AAA two days in a row for the same problem, so I am just going to wait until I can get it to that place.  I have to go near there today so I am going to see if the mechanic is still there to talk to.  If not I will call them in the morning.

So it was cold this morning.  But someone told me that Walmart has sleeping bags that are supposed to keep you warm to 15 degrees for only $40.  That is quite a bit of money to me, but it just may be worth the cost.  I just don't know if they will still have them.  I have to stop there on Friday when I get paid to see.

It is going to be pretty cold this weekend.  I will get by for the next few nights, not so cold. But this weekend is going to be in the low 20's.  That is just too cold for me.  Since I really don't have the money for a motel, I will have to go to the shelter again I guess.  I hate it there.

There is class warfare even among the homeless.  Since I have more than most homeless they don't like me much.  Which is fine, I am not really trying to make life long friendships at this point in my life, just trying to survive.  So I guess I am in the 1% of the homeless.  Kind of funny if you think about it.  "Regular" people look at me like human trash because I am homeless and the other homeless look at me with jealousy I guess.  So I guess the name of my blog is very apropos; I am on the outside looking in.

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