Sunday, January 8, 2012


Work didn't go well at all this week, so that is not good for the paycheck.  What there will be of it.  I will just have to deal and be very, very careful with the money that I have, been there already.

I am waiting to do my income tax return.  That will help me, but they won't accept any electronic filings for another two weeks or something like that.  I was hoping to have my return by the end of the month, but that doesn't look like it will happen.  Early February will be more like it.  I should get back everything since I live below what is considered the poverty line.  Which if you think about it, I should be since I am homeless.  I don't know what threshold is to be considered living in poverty legally.  But if only having enough money to live in a car isn't it, I don't know what is.

I have food for the week, at least I hope I do.  I should.  There is a grocery store that has a microwave they let people use, so I can always get a can of soup or spaghetti o's which are cheap.  Not very filling, but at least it will be something.  I am not overly worried about that for right now.  I also have enough on my bus card to get me back and forth to work this week.  So I am good for now.

It will be after I get paid that things will get tricky because I have a bunch of bills that are due.  I may have to dip into my stash to keep my checking account from becoming overdrawn and getting a bunch of fees.  Not that anyone wants to spend their money that way, but it is especially troubling when you are living hand to mouth having your money wasted in that way.

I slept well last night, so that is always nice.  I like it when I don't start the day really dragging, because if you start out that way, you can just imagine what I feel like by the time I am ready to go to sleep.  I feel like the walking dead.  Also, tonight is Sunday, when everything closes early.  I don't have the money for a movie either.

Have a good Sunday all.

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