Sunday, January 1, 2012


I survived New Year's Eve and I did it without any tears.  I saw two movies; New Year's Eve and The Descendants.  Neither was worth $12.  New Year's Eve was cute in it's way.  It had a big cast with stories that intertwined with each other and by the end it came full circle.  Somewhat predictable but there was one or two twists that I didn't expect.  The Descendants had George Clooney in it.  It is about a man whose wife is in a boating accident and falls into a coma.  After the accident he finds out things about her he really wishes he didn't know.  He is also dealing with some long time family business.  So it goes back and forth between his family today and how they are dealing with the accident and his family from long ago.  It is very heavy.  If you not in the mood for that don't go see it.  It was ok.  I will say that George Clooney runs funny, and he looks old now.  I thought it was pretty good.  I missed the first ten minutes, but I still enjoyed it.  Made my problems seem not so bad.  It takes place in Hawaii and the scenery was very nice.  I have never been and always wanted to go.  One day, maybe.

I got back to my car after 1 so it was all over with.  I didn't have to worry about the big moment of a brand new year.  It was comfortable enough to sleep just fine.  I was a little cold when I woke up this morning, but I only used two blankets and I really should have used the third one.  But, I didn't have to sleep in my boots or keep my coat zippered.  Always a plus.

The place I like to go on Sunday's is closed today for the holiday, so I have to find something else to occupy my time.  It is supposed to be very mild out today, so maybe I will just find a sunny place to sit for a while and enjoy the warmth.  It looks like the last I will be getting for a while.  Tonight will be fine for sleeping, but the rest of the week is going to very cold for sleeping.  The church that is taking in the homeless for Operation Hypothermia is easy for me to get to, so I will more than likely end up there on the days I don't work.  But on days that I work it is too late, by the time I get there it will be full.  So I will be on my own those nights.  But I will have to find a way to make due and just run the heat in the car every 90 minutes or so for about ten minutes.  I will only get about three hours of sleep that way, but there is nothing that I can do.  If I don't have to work the next day it isn't so bad, because I have found a place that I can nap.  They don't bother me at all. But when I do have to work the next day, it is awful.  I am so tired that I can barely think.

I have to just keep telling myself that this is almost over.

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