Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Another beautiful day.  I am trying to have a count my blessings day.  It is much better than being depressed.  I have to remind myself sometimes that I am much better off then many homeless.  I have a place to sleep that is out of the elements and is safe, relatively speaking.  I have never gone a full 24 hours without food.  I may not always like what I have to eat, but I am eating.  I make it to a ladies room when I need to most of the time (pantyliners are very necessary when you are homeless) and I am able to keep myself clean most of the time as well.  I have clean clothes to put on and a job.  While it doesn't pay that well, it keeps me going until I can get back on feet.

This morning a very nice man came over to speak to me.  He walks past me every morning on his way to get coffee.  I have been seeing him for about a month or so now, and today he said hello.  He also gave me $20.  That is enough for me to eat for the week.  Although I have money for food already.  My church gave me a gift card from the Safeway again.  So that is nice.  I put the money in the bank right away.  I do worry about being robbed.  Not something that I think about constantly, but it is a concern.  I always set my phone to 9-1-1 before I go to sleep just in case.  I am little more worried about now then before because now the car won't start.  The starter is gone.  At least I think it is the starter.  It can't be the battery because the alarm and the radio still work.  I do know that from the mileage on the car I should be getting my timing belt on the car replaced about now.  So it is one of those two things.  I didn't look up the cost of the timing belt, but the starter online is about $250.  I don't have any tools, so I can't do it myself (and I am clueless when it comes to fixing cars).  I figure with a 30% markup and an hour of labor it should be about $500 to repair.  I have decided that I am going to get the starter and the hose that is leaking fixed first, that will be another $200 or so.  It will at least make the car somewhat drivable for the time being.  Then I will go back and get the fan and the switch replaced once I save up more money.  I am hoping to be able to do that next week, but I think I will still be a little short.  So it looks like I will have to wait for two pay periods instead of one.  But hey, maybe someone will come into the store and buy (and not cancel) a house full of furniture and my paycheck will be a good size.  A girl can dream right? 

Since my car no longer runs, my routine has changed a bit.  I didn't eat breakfast this morning, so I am off to the Safeway to get some lunch. 

Have a good day and try to have a count your blessings day too!!


  1. So where do you keep the car? And how will you get it to the shop?

    I'm happy to hear that you think you can get it fixed next week.

    Stay strong!

  2. The car is in a safe place. Or at least as safe as it can be under the circumstances. I do pray it doesn't get towed. I will be totally screwed if that happens. But, I think it will be fine where it is.

    Getting to the shop is no problem I have free towing with my AAA membership. That is something that I kept up on. I just renewed it a few weeks ago.