Saturday, August 13, 2011


I have not been having luck with getting internet connections of late.  Such is the life of the people with no internet connection of their own.  I was able to get on for short periods of time, but then would get thrown off.  But it seems to be holding for now at least.

Not that all that much in my life has changed in the past few days.  But I get emails when I don't post asking if I am doing ok.  So I wanted to let you know, I am doing just fine and dandy as one can be under the circumstances I find myself in. 

I had a rather strange exchange with a customer at work earlier this week.  I was getting her address information for her order and I need both a billing and shipping address.  Usually they are the same, but sometimes they are not.  This woman is buying a new house and I guess the closing on her old one was sooner or something like that.  It seems she was living with friends or something and made this joke about oh, you can just deliver to the bridge I am living under.  Ha ha, very funny.  Of course she has no way of knowing that I am homeless. 

The thing is that people just assume that the homeless are all bums and addicts who don't have jobs.  That simply isn't the case.  I am not the only living in my current situation.  Another commenter on this blog is also in the same situation that I am in.  There is at least one other homeless and working blog out there as well.  So people may want to think about not making that joke to a stranger that is working in a lower wage job, because they may be just like me. 

I am feeling better than the last time I posted.  I get a little depressed at moments, but luckily I am able to get over it quickly.  I really don't like self pity.  I believe that self pity is why my brother is still an addict.   He is always making excuses about how hard his life is.  Get over it.  If you someone told it was going to be fair or easy they lied. 

I was thinking about going to a movie tonight, but it is quite cool this evening.  I would rather spend the money on a night that be harder to sleep.  Tonight is sleeping weather.  I needed a blanket the other night.  That felt so good, to wrap up in a blanket.  I have not needed to do that in months. 

I also have looked at my finances and I think I am on solid ground with my goal of being back into a roommate situation before Thanksgiving.  My car being in disrepair has hurt me a bit, but I think I will recover from that.  I hope anyway.  I think I may have some good news on that front soon.  I will keep you posted. 

I did break open the wallet this week and buy myself another pair of shoes.  I found a pair on super clearance for $18.  I have these sneakers and I just can't wear them anymore.  I have washed them twice, but they still are stinky and dirty.  They are just so gross that I had to throw them out.  I still need to get a good pair of shoes for the professional environment, but that can wait until I really need them.  I have an odd sized foot so trying to get shoes on clearance is really difficult for me.  For sandals and boots I normally have to pay full price.  It isn't all that much different for a pair of decent work shoes too.  But like I said they can wait.  I was so grateful to find something on clearance in my size.  That is rare.  Most stores only get one or two in my size per store.  The speciality stores that carry a bigger selection in my size are very expensive. 

So I read that Michele Bachmann won the straw poll today.  Good for her.  She will not be president, but it is nice to see a strong conservative woman do well.  I saw her speak at a tea party event I went to some months back.  The crowd seemed to love her. 

I hope you all have a good night, and sometimes my not posting has to do with getting an internet connection.  I sometimes have no luck. 

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