Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Another day has arrived.  I was able to get more laundry done.  I know it seems like I go through a lot of clothes, and I do.  But you have to remember that it is pretty warm sleeping in a car so I get much more sweaty than I did in the past.  So I change much more than many other people. 

Taking the bus has been somewhat interesting.  First they make these announcements in Spanish all the time but not in English.  For some reason I thought taking German was a good idea so I don't know Spanish.  Do they think that only Spanish speaking people take the bus?  I guess so. 

Another thing that I found very annoying, no downright scary was a sign I saw last week.  The NIH is looking for people who use cocaine.  They will pay you to come in.  They also will reimburse your travel expenses.  Isn't paying someone who does drugs a bad idea?  Do they people who are using cocaine want to help find the NIH find out what it does to there body or do they really just want to get money in order to do more?  The NIH wants to know what affect cocaine has on people.  A bad one.  Hows that?  They can give the money that they are wasting on this to me.  I solved it.  It hurts the individuals and it hurts their loved ones. 

Just some observations. 

I will try and write more later but I have some errands to do today and they may take a while on the bus. 

Have a good day.

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