Thursday, November 10, 2011


I have been a little upset for the past few days.  The agency that I thought was going to give me some good advice didn't.  They have a reputation of helping people, but again no real help will be forthcoming.  So today I have another place to go to.  This one is very far for me, but it will be necessary to contact them.

I am still very tired all the time.  I have to just learn to accept that.  Until my stress level goes down I won't feel like I am getting enough sleep.

I also had a bunch of cancellations on my days off.  So this week is not going to be a good one for the paycheck.  I am still not even at zero yet, so I owe them money instead of them owing me money.  Not the way you want to go.  It is a holiday tomorrow, so maybe it will be a busy weekend.  I can hope.

I have to get going so I can figure out how I am going to get to the people I am going to talk to.  They may be able to store my car for me, which is really what I need right now.  I don't drive it much so if I can find a place to store it where it will be safe, I can just go to shelter for the rest of the winter and be ok.  Not something that I wanted to do, but I don't see many more options for me.  Maybe I will be better at getting money saved up if I am in a shelter.  That is my biggest issue at the moment.  Every time I get some money saved, something else happens that I didn't plan on.


  1. Wow, I wasn`t aware of more than two types of anti-freeze; orange for GMs and green for everything else. I found pure orange for $20. after buying the 50/50 blend. Oh well, saved $8. and don`t have to carry a separate jug of water.

    Looks like you are set for the winter, I just hope someone at the car storage will start your car once a week or so, let it run for 10 minutes to keep the battery up and circulate the fluids. Cars go sown fast when sitting and not started. Your`s has a head start on the going down.

    Good luck finding just what you want. Still concerned, hopeful and praying for your best outcome.

  2. I have a serious question-- I've been reading this site for months now and I'm kind of curious if you've been trying to find other work (as in 9-5 type of stuff)?

    Anybody who reads this site would want to pitch in and help; I know you don't want to post your identity but what about putting together an 'objective' page with some experience (not workplace specific of course) that people in the area could reference?

    I don't have a ton of friends in D.C. but I do have a few (I'm in CA). If you want to start operating on the premise that 'everybody knows somebody' doors might start opening..

  3. Chris,

    I gather thru a mutual friend that H&A values her anonymity above most everything else; likely the reason she cannot or will not divulge details about the car she drives !

    Pride or fear .... I do not know !

  4. I wouldn't disclose crap to anyone!!! Period.

  5. Mr. Chris:
    I did CRM work for a consulting company. Mainly for retailers, but did some work for other types of companies as well. There is not much out there for this. The ads for this are few and far between. But I have sent things for other positions too. Most of the jobs available in this area are retail. Which puts me in a pickle because most will hire only part time and force me to quit the one I have. I do realize that I have to start being more open about this in order to get the break that I need. I just am not doing it on this site.

    Mr. Guy:
    Yes my privacy is important to me. I don't want a potential employer to google my name and come up with this site. I don't want to be the homeless blogger for the rest of my life. If you don't understand that there is nothing that I can do. Also, I did post in a comment what type of car I have. I don't feel the need to do it a second time.

  6. Can you point me to the thread w/ your car make in it. I missed it.

    Make no mistake, I understand your need for privacy, please accept my apology for sounding less than respectful. My comment history here should show you I care about you and your situation, want nothing but the best for you and a speedy return to a happier life.

    If my presence here is too uncomfortable for you, if my questions about your car, my push to get you to seek help at a small, friendly church is contrary to your sensibilities, say the word, I`ll be gone !

    But know this, I WILL continue to pray for you !