Sunday, November 6, 2011


My least favorite day of the week is here.  It is going to be cold tonight, hovering around the freezing mark.  Not fun.  But I think I should be fine.  I have enough layers, a hat, warm blankets and new boots.  So I will get through it.  The hypothermia program starts in a few weeks so I will have an alternative on cold nights.  I just have to make due until then.

Someone gave me money for a hotel room over the weekend, so I slept and slept again.  I also ate two good dinners and even a really good breakfast for a change.  So that will keep my immune system up.  That is really my biggest issue right now.  Making sure that I am getting all the nutrients that I need.  I also need to make sure that I am getting enough protein.  If my immune system is off the cold will really make me sick.  I read about can you really get sick from being cold, and what I found out is that your immune system starts to break down a little due to the cold, so it is important that you eat and sleep well.  Since I won't really be sleeping well, eating well becomes that much more important.  I am trying to get more fruits and vegetables into my diet, but it isn't easy.  Partly due to cost and partly due to cooking the veggies.

I also am going to need to make some changes about where I am sleeping........again.  But I am getting used to that.  It is really better to stay on the move as much as possible, but my car being in disrepair has hampered that.  I did that in the beginning.  Sleeping in different locations.  It keeps you off the radar of people and businesses.  If you are only there occasionally they for the most part leave you alone.  They just don't want you to become fixtures and scare off business.  I try to stay near areas that have some people around for safety reasons.

Many of the homeless I know go to places that are much more remote.  I don't like that.  It scares me.  I guess to each their own.

Have a good night all.

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  1. I can certainly understand your issues with having a safe place to park while sleeping. You`ve barely mentioned the police, saying only that they sometimes make you move. Perhaps you could introduce yourself to the police and Sheriff`s Deputies so they can know you aren`t a total vagrant and / or with ill-intent, just trying to sleep in a safe spot. They aren`t usually your enemy ! Most should be understanding and could be quite nice and helpful. It does say on the side of a lot of their patrol cars, "To Protect and To Serve". See if they mean it !

    I would also advise you to find a small community church to attend on Sunday. You won`t be expected to dress up and won`t be looked down on for being homeless. You will most likely find people who love people and will go out of their way to help you find what you need most. You know GOD loves you; where better to find people to help you feel whole again than in GOD`s house ?!

    Praying for you every day !