Thursday, November 3, 2011


I made a complete fool out of myself yesterday.  I walked into this store and when I saw all the Christmas decorations I broke out in tears.  I am just so amazed that this has gone on as long as it has.  So I guess I am a little disturbed by the reminder that it is almost Christmas.

The cold weather and the holidays was not something I expected to see while homeless.  I really did believe it wouldn't last this long.  I have said in the past I had all these things in mind about what was going to happen, and it has not worked out the way I thought it was going to.

I am still waiting to get a return phone call from one the resources that I was given.  I can't find the address anywhere so I can't just show up.  I just have to wait until they call me back.  Although it has been my experience that in many instances you never hear anything.  I have the meeting next week with that non profit that is designed to help people transition back to having a place to live.

I saw creepy guy again last night.  I had to go find another place to use the bathroom so he wouldn't see me.  I suppose I should have some sympathy for him because he doesn't seem to have the proper clothes for the weather either.  But I can't bring myself to feel anything but contempt for him.

I slept ok with the cold last night.  I was really cold at one point and turned the heat on for a little while.  That got me through the night without any other problems.  My nose was really cold when I woke up, but beside that I was fine.

Someone bought me a really nice pair of boots.  They are waterproof and lined.  So they will help with rain, snow, and cold.  So I should be all set.  I also figure I could sleep with them on and that will help a lot.  As I said, exposed skin is the enemy when you are homeless.  So this will cut down on that.  They are just above my ankle so I can put my pants in them and keep myself warmer.  It also will help about wearing multiple pairs of socks.  Which I don't like.  It is too bulky.  I wear layers all the time, but I try to avoid to many layers on my feet.  Feet are very important when you are homeless.  If you get foot infections, you will be in trouble.  It will make getting around hard.

Oh, my knee is still bruised and a little swollen, but it is fine.

I am on way to work.  Have a good day.


  1. Don`t worry about your show of emotion. I`d worry more if you didn`t or even couldn`t. You feel bad about your circumstances and will feel motivated to continue to seek ways to improve things. Never give up !

    That`s great that someone gave you the winter boots. Cold feet make me cold all over and serves as a total distraction. Keep them dry.

    Oh, call that number back, if you haven`t, and get all the address info n stuff and let them know you want the help they can offer, but of course, don`t be pushy, just in need !

    Head held high and flash that pretty smile.

  2. I just had a thought that "might" save on your needed car repairs. Look for a community college in your area with an Auto Mechanics course. Explain your situation and see if they`ll fix your car at cost of parts / no labor charges as a teaching opportunity. I had my car fixed that way once for 1/3 the dealership / big shop cost. If you don`t have a mechanic friend, then it`s certainly worth a try !

  3. What kind of car do you have and where is the "real" leak ? Who told you $800., a friend or a dealership mechanic ? Does it leak onto the ground ? Or does it get into the engine oil; instead of blackish, does the oil look foamy light brown ? Does the coolant look clean and the original green or orange ?

    $800. for a coolant leak sounds like a cracked cylinder head or a cracked engine block. It "might" cost that much to replace the radiator, which would / should incl. two rad. hoses and a new thermostat, but that`s a LOT for that job. Mine cost half that and I have a full sized pickup.

    Another question, has your car ever run HOT ? If so, you will definitely need to replace the thermostat regardless the other repair.

    Water pumps cost around $100. and around that or a bit more labor, depending on car make / model and what has to be removed so the mechanic can get to the WP.

    Don`t mean to be nosy, it`s just that $800. sounds steep. I have to keep in mind the cost of living around DC !

  4. The leak is a secondary issue. The real issue is the fan, the thermostat, and the switch all have to be replaced.

    The hose that is leaking was caused by the heat. The parts for everything is pretty expensive.

    And yes the engine is running very hot, but I make sure it never overheats.

  5. Either of two things has happened here;

    1- You misunderstood what you were told,
    2- You have been seriously fruited / lied to / scammed.

    $800. for what you describe is totally out of the park.

    You need to have that hose replaced ASAP so it doesn`t burst and lose all your coolant. That usually happens far away from help. Your engine will overheat, the oil will bake around the cylinders in the block and in the cylinder heads and cost you well over a grand to clean out, plus the parts that get clogged and must be replaced (lifters, valve seals). Hoses are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. Thermostats are also inexpensive and easier to replace than the hoses. Get that fixed too, because the engine will not run at the proper temperature and your car heater won`t warm you well at all.

    Fans don`t leak, but if they wobble, they can cause the water pump to leak. Then you`re talking bigger money for part and labor. You are then saying the thing leaks onto the ground ? I ask not as an environmental issue, but to determine the origin.

    I mentioned after the Sunday thread about finding help for what you really need at a church - I`ll bet you money, someone there works on his own cars and could fix anything you`ve mentioned for far less than $800. Stop by and ask the church secretary and / or pastor for suggestions. It`s worth a try !

  6. The hose is almost half the cost. It costs $230 if I buy it myself. I looked it up online at two different car parts sites. The labor was 2 hours and that is $220, the rest is the other parts that are inexpensive. I went to three different places and the costs were all right about the same.

    And yes, the heater is not working as well as it should be now. That just started a few days ago.

  7. Oh, I also need a new starter. It is still is working, but it is going.

  8. Let me phrase it as, "I`m stunned !"

    You never told me the make and model of your car. I can`t imagine a $230. coolant hose, even for a Caterpillar Dozer. Gee whiz, do you have a Ferrari !? A mid-engine car that requires dropping the engine out the bottom ? Holy cow !!

    I reiterate, find you someone at a church like I mentioned who works on his own cars. He buys his own parts and gets a discount of some kind which will help at least a little. When I call for prices, they tell me the "retail +" price. When I show up in person, the price is always less. When I buy it thru a friend, better discount.

    Is your car a diesel ? Everything is more expensive for diesels.

    Tell me the year,make and model, engine type and size, # of cylinders, AC (?), power brakes (?), power steering (?), gas or diesel. I`ll ask a parts store friend for prices.

    Forgive me for not taking your word for it; I don`t mean to hurt your feelings or imply anything unkind.

    Still, the hose and thermostat seem to be of the most immediate importance. Do your best to get those fixed ASAP ! Have someone, if you haven`t, look at the hose and locate the exact point of the leak; a crack or hole (replace the hose) or at the end (perhaps you could be lucky, have someone trim the end off, slip the hose on further and re-tighten the clamp).

    I`m hoping and praying for the best for you !

  9. The hose is quite large. It has several offshots to it. It isn't just one simple hose. I guess that is why it is so expensive.

    Parts on my car are expensive. The correct antifreeze for my car is $30 and you can only buy it at the dealership. Since it is leaking I don't feel the need to put that in. Once it gets fixed I will go and buy and that.