Friday, November 18, 2011


Well a very bad week at work.  A very large order that was made last weekend was cancelled.  So I have made no money this week at all.  I have to hope that tomorrow is better.  Otherwise I have worked this week for nothing.  Or basically nothing.  Not good.

The good news is I survived the very cold temperatures last night with no problem whatsoever.  I was very warm and cozy.  That is until I was more awake.  Then I felt very cold.  I found a good solution for me.  I put sweatpants over my pants and that second layer really helps.  Even my feet were fine without the boots.  I was so tired that I just wanted to get to sleep and was to tired to pull the boots out.  So I figured if I got cold I would do it and the need never materialized.

Tonight is not going to be quite as cold tonight, so I will be good.  So I figure I can make it through most of the winter.  There will be nights that will be much colder, but I can get through the high 20's.  Also it has helped the days have been warm.  So when the temps don't rise above 25 or so that are going to be a problem.

I have to work very long days most of next week.  It is usually pretty busy.  So I hope to make some money. I have decided that I am going to get a hotel room for three nights.  That will help me out with work. The place is within walking distance of my job and is much cleaner and nicer than I normally can afford.  I guess Thanksgiving is not a big hotel weekend.  So the rooms were very cheap online.  I paid less than what I would have for that dump that I stay in if I am sick.  And it has a kitchenette.  No oven, but a stove top.  I can get myself a good meal for Thanksgiving.  The man who has helped me out before gave me most of the money for the hotel.  I was worried about it because where would I go to the bathroom if nothing is open?  I also have to be at work at 4 am.  The joy of working retail on black Friday.  Mandatory 12 hour shifts and you start in the middle of the night.

Four of the stores in the mall are opening right at Midnight.  I think it is crazy.  I have no desire to get up in the middle of the night to go shopping.  I better be getting something to close to free in order to do that.  The malls have to hire extra security.  People will be lined up by 2 am.  If I am not mistaken it is not supposed to be very cold so that will be good for them.  But I still think it is crazy.  I guess since I don't have kids to buy presents for I don't see the need to do it.  I know for customers that come and buy from me won't be getting that great of a deal.  It won't be all that much different than this weekend.  Some sets are even more expensive next weekend than this weekend.  But people convince themselves that they are saving money.  I guess somethings will be less expensive and good deals, but most things won't be.

But the good news for me is that since things will be open later, I will have more time in the warmth and a bathroom. The main concerns in my life at the moment.  Like I have said in the past, being homeless is about surviving today.  Your life becomes very centered on today.  How much you have to eat.  Do you have a clean place to wash up?  Can you find a restroom? Making sure you have something clean to put on.  Thinking too far ahead is pointless.  This has been one of the biggest adjustments for me.  I am a planner.  I don't like last minute living.  I guess it works for some people, but not for me.  But I have learned to adjust.  To the best of my ability anyway.

I have another person to go and talk to on Monday.  This one is very far away, but if they can help it shouldn't matter.

Well, have a good night all.

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