Saturday, November 12, 2011


My hope for a busy holiday at work did not come true.  It was ok.  I had a few decent sales, but nothing like the past few Veterans Day holidays that I have worked.  Now I can move onto the hope that people were busy yesterday and decided to catch the sales today instead.

I do have someone that should be coming in today to place a good sized order.  She took all the swatches home and did her measuring to make sure that everything will fit.  You would be amazed at how many people buy furniture that they can't fit into their homes.  Which of course I then lose my pay when they return it.  In case you didn't know, don't ever listen to someone when they tell you no returns.  It almost never really means that.  Believe me, I have lost plenty of money that way.

I was really cold when I woke up this morning.  The coldest I have ever been.  But, I think it was really my own fault.  I didn't put enough layers on.  I needed to add a sweatshirt and put on my boots.  I have been resisting sleeping in my boots, I just don't think it is going to be very comfortable, but it has gotten too cold to do anything other than that at this point.  My nose was freezing and my feet were cold too.  My feet were not nearly as cold as my nose, but still cold.

You know I have heard you sleep better when you are in a cold environment.  Not sure that is true.

I think I found a solution for my car, but I won't know for sure for another few days. But that will really help me out a great deal if I can get that off my mind.

Off to work.  Have a good day.


  1. Good luck with sales and NO Returns !

    Good luck with the solution to your car troubles, too !

    I looked at your posts back to mid-Sept.; couldn`t find any description of your car. Do I need to look further back, or do you want me to leave it alone ? Your call.

    Prayers and best wishes !

  2. Dude... leave the woman alone! If she wanted to be specific she would. IMO, you're almost as creepy as the homeless guy she occasionally sees and says gives her a bad vibe. You may well have good intentions but offer your advice and/or suggestions but quit asking for personally identifiable characteristics.

  3. Anonymous, SPG is trying to HELP HER, he knows cars and can offer better advice (so she doesn't get ripped off on repairs) if he knows more about the particular vehicle type. Different makes/models of cars have different known issues, stuff in different places and require different approaches for certain repairs. I know SPG, he is my personal friend and is just trying to HELP.

  4. I didn't say he wasn't trying to help her but why keep badgering the woman. If she wants to get in touch with someone she will. Like I said in the earlier post offer your advice and/or suggestions and leave it at that. Otherwise it comes off as some sort of perv or stalker.