Friday, November 25, 2011


I had a good day at work today.  I really needed it since I made no money last week whatsoever.  I could have made more if the people I work with were honest, but they are not.  They will cheat and steal to get money.  I am homeless and still realize that I need to still look at myself in the mirror at the end of every day.  But they don't seem to care.

I had a very nice meal yesterday.  I don't think I have seen that much food in one place in a very long time.  It was an expansive buffet.  I ate my fill.  The stuffing was amazing.  I don't know how it was cooked, but I never tasted stuffing that good ever.  I am not a big turkey fan, but there was plenty of other things to choose from too.

I am very tired, had a long day at work.  It was not as busy as they had hoped.  But, I did ok.

I am going to get some sleep since I really need it.  I hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving.

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