Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am very very tired today.  I have been for the past few days. I am not sure why, maybe it is the change in the weather, or maybe it is just the tension of living this way.  Although I am coming to the conclusion that it is really more boredom than anything else.

A few days ago I was speaking about mental illness and the homeless.  Well, the boredom of trying to fill all the hours of the days gets very monotonous to say the least.  There are only so many walks you can take, so many free newspapers you can read.  I am very short on money on this week as well since I had to get my car partially fixed last week.  I am grateful that the car is movable again.  I can't go far, but at least I can move it.  That is progress at least.  The repair guy was supposed to tell me how much the hose was to be fixed, but when I called he had already left for the day and when I picked it up all it said was mechanic noticed hose leaking.  He noticed it because I pointed it out to him. 

Anyway, I am going to back on Thursday to get the price to get that portion fixed.  I will still have to have the gauge and the fan fixed, but it will at least be more drivable to get my heavier clothes.  I am getting a break that the weather has gotten a bit warmer again.  So I can make do with the clothes that I have. 

I also found a website that works with women in crisis that looks promising.  I am going there tomorrow or the next day.  I am not sure I will have the time with my work schedule to make it tomorrow.  I should have a good day in sales tomorrow.  I had some people who filled out all the paperwork over the weekend, but the sale was much better this week and since I didn't want to lose the sale, I gave them a heads up.  They were very thankful that I can save them some money, and I will get a good sale.  Works for all involved. 

Luckily I have not seen the creepy guy again since my last posting.  I am sure that I will run into him again, but I hope it won't be for a while.  But, I have decided that if he bothers me again, I will tell him that I will call the police if he continues to bother me.  Not that I really would, because I would rather stay away from the attention of the cops, but he doesn't know that. 

I am really hungry today.  I don't have much money for food for the next few days, but I do have some supplies.  So I should be ok, I just won't be that filled up.  I will get by though.  There have been days in the past that have been much worse than this.  I am eating more than just bread, so all is good. 

I was hoping to get to sleep early tonight, but that doesn't look like it is in the cards, the place where I sleep is pretty filled up.  Oh well, this too shall pass. 

I hope all is well with you all, and have a good night. 

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