Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Part 2

If I was not already dealing with enough, now I have this creepy guy to contend with.  This man knows that I am homeless.  I believe that he is as well.  Or least he was.  He seems cleaner now, so maybe he has found a place to live.  Anyway - he has asked me out on a date, I told him no.  He asked me for my phone number, I told him no. He says that he can be a comfort to me.  I don't think so.  He gives me the creeps. 

Today I saw him and he asked me for a hug and I said no.  He seemed to get very offended and asked me why, and I told him that it makes me uncomfortable.  I was trying to get to a restroom when I ran into him and he seemed to get upset that I was leaving.  That is mostly what is making me uncomfortable.  He doesn't seem to understand boundaries.  The very last thing I need right now is to deal with this man.  My life is complicated enough without getting him involved. 

I know that I am probably creepy to some people since I am homeless.  I overheard this conversation between two medical students today and someone they know lives out of his car.  She was saying how disgusting it was.  Which in some ways it is, but for some people it is a necessary evil.  It is better than sleeping under a bridge.  I have seen that too recently.  But the point is that people are going to think that they way I am living at the moment is terrible and gross.  Which is why I guess no one who does know that I am homeless ever speaks to me.  Except this guy and the few people who leave comments on here.  Although there is that nice man who sometimes puts money in car.  He never really talks to me though.  He just sometimes gives me cash. 

I hope that I am just overreacting to this man, but I get this feeling that I am not.  He scares me. 


  1. You are always in my prayers and never more than now. Keep us posted.

  2. Thank you Ms. Staci. I appreciate your concern.