Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have had a very good week at work so far, and tomorrow/today promises to be even better.  That is if everyone that is supposed to show up and make a purchase really does.  This next paycheck will be the largest that I have gotten in more than a year.  That makes me happy.  It won't solve my problems, but it will help. 

I have a funny story to tell.  I have told you about creepy guy.  Well, he is still homeless and I saw him early the other morning.  I needed to use the ladies room and was going into a restaurant for that purpose.  When I saw him there (hitting on some poor unsuspecting girl) I decided not to go in.  Luckily he did not see me.  Since my car can go short distances now I decided to go to another place down the road.  Someone was in that ladies room for a very long time.  I waited for close to ten minutes.  I couldn't hold it anymore, so I just found a more secluded location in a parking area behind a store.  Disgusting, I know.  But this is only  the first time that I have gone outside. I used to camp often when I was a little girl.  I did not remember how tricky it really is for a woman to go outside.  So, be careful where you put your feet ladies.  I was able to get away clean.  Ok, maybe others won't think it is funny, but I did.  It doesn't take much to amuse me anymore I guess. 

Someone hit my car today.  Luckily there wasn't any real damage, just a little paint.  But the lady wasn't even going to stop.  I guess she didn't see me in the car, she just started to drive away.  I guess I should have tried the old whiplash trick, but it wouldn't be worth the effort I suppose. 

I am going to have round two of getting my car fixed on Monday or Tuesday.  I have to wait for the part to arrive.  With a bigger paycheck coming soon, I may be able to get the fan and switch fixed very soon as well.  What a relief.  I think some of my depression lately is coming from the fact that I can't get to many places easily.  I go to all the same places and eat the exact same food all the time.  Not that I have money to go anywhere really, but just to be able to take a drive that is beyond a few miles again would be nice. 

I still have not picked up my warmer clothes yet.  I need to do that soon.  But with the new car part I should be able to do that no later than Wednesday.  Another big relief.  Because taking a taxi to do that would easily cost me a hundred dollars.  The other homeless woman who said she would help has not been around lately.  She met some guy who is also homeless and she seems to be spending some time with him.  The job that she found didn't work out.  So is back to having no income at all.  At least I have something coming in.  I am not living a life of luxury, obviously, but I have food and the things that I really need.  My expectations are very low these days. 

Well I am going to get something to eat.  I didn't have time for dinner earlier because I worked later than normal tonight and had to take a later bus back to my car. 

Have a good night (or morning I guess now) all.