Friday, September 2, 2011


Another month has arrived and with it comes a horrible jobs report.  A net loss of jobs for the month of August.  What in God's name am I going to do? 

Instead of them fighting over when the damn speech is going to be they should be doing something that is going to get this economy moving again. 

I don't want to hear any more speeches, I want a job that will allow me to have a roof over my head.  I am reaching the end of my rope with this living in a broken down car business.  People are becoming more and more frightened about spending money on things like furniture.  People are scared to death that they will lose their jobs next. 

Cut the payroll taxes so companies will start hiring again.  How hard is that? 

This crap about how the president understands my pain has long since grown old.  Didn't he just spend more than a week at house that costs more than I make in a year?  Yeah, I think he did.  I realize that he doesn't understand what it is like to be me, because he doesn't.  But does he really have to show how much he doesn't understand?  I am far from the only person in this country who is hurting.  But unless they find a way to get this economy moving again, more and more people are going to have to make the same choices I did just to keep themselves in food. 


  1. if I send you $$ via paypal, can you pick it up?

  2. The thing is, the devil is an a%%hole and more than anything else he wants you to fall into despair. He wants you to think that there is no grounds for hope, that your life is invisible and that you are not valuable. But the thing is, the exact opposite is true. Your life, every moment and every day, is of infinite value. And there is a very special dignity to those who carry burdens like yours. Stay courageous!

  3. Ms. Heather:
    Kim will transfer the money tomorrow. She checks it every morning and when she sees a deposit she transfers it over to me.

    I appreciate your help.

    Mr. Anonymous:
    It is very easy to feel invisible in my situation, so thanks for letting me know that I am not. I appreciate it.

  4. actually, you are NOT invisible. I check up on you every day. And others must do so, also.

  5. I had to contact paypal and ended up chatting with the fellow, who lives in Nebraska. I asked him about jobs in his neck of the woods, and he tells me that things are pretty good there.

    Have you thought of getting out of Washington?

  6. Ms. Heather:
    It depends on where it is. I don't want to be any further away from my aunt than I am now. She is older and in her health is not great. I need to be able to get to her within a day's drive. She is the only family I have left, so I need to be able to get to her easily. I have applied for some jobs in Boston, but have yet to hear anything back.