Sunday, March 11, 2012


The weather has been nice during the day, but still chilly during the night.  Believe it or not this presents problems for me because I have to layer for sleeping, but don't need all those layers during the day.  What then do I do with all the layers?  I don't like carrying around a great deal of clothes or bags.  That just gives me more of an appearance of being homeless.

I realize that some of that may be in my head, but as I said I have gotten new radar for detecting homeless people.  You would be surprised.  There are people who you walk right by during the day that are homeless, but you don't know it.  I see the signs more because I have a clearer idea of what they are.

Shoes are a very good indication.  I won't be putting on sandals or shorts until it is warm and has no chance of being chilly again.  There are only so many times that I can change clothes in day when I have to do it in public.

The other day I saw something that I found upsetting.  There was a man who was obviously homeless at a mall. This particular mall is within walking distance to a train station and several bus routes so it is easy for the homeless to get to.  He was on a scooter.  He wasn't bothering anyone.  But like I said, his homeless state was obvious to everyone.  Simply because of what he carried around with him.  I guess security called the police.  There are businesses there and small children running around so I can see what they don't want people that are considered "bums" around.  It could hurt current business and make it harder to attract new businesses as space becomes available.  But, did they have to send four police officers and two fire/EMT trucks?  They were questioning the man about different things.  They said to him that they were going to take him somewhere to get a meal after he said he hadn't eaten yet that day.  It was mid afternoon.  I left before they took him anywhere.  So I am not sure if they really did take him away or not.

But it just seemed very excessive for one homeless person.  I understand two police officers in case he is combative, but four?  I have become afraid of the police.  Which isn't a good thing.

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