Monday, March 19, 2012


Work has been very slow.  The one day last week that was busy I was off.  So that was not good.  But like I said the gas prices guide how much extra money people have and what they are willing to spend money on.  So until the prices start to drop, this will continue.  This is just like what happened the last time the prices were high.  When the prices dropped the business picked up again.  

My boss told me that I wouldn't lose my job even though they will be cutting back on staff, again.  I think someone is quitting, so that will free up hours and it will give me more of a chance to makes sales.  So that is good news in its way.  I may even get a few more hours.  

I think I have found a place to live.  Someone is moving and they rent a room in a house that is only $500 a month.  I am pretty sure I can swing that.  I will have to be very careful.  But they are not moving until May.  So that gives me another six weeks of homelessness, if this works out.  Most places I have found are closer to $700 a month plus utilities and I just can't swing that.  I won't be able to afford to pay my other bills and buy food.  

But the good news that I am taking today is that this is the last day of winter.  I made it through.  It is much easier to sleep now because I don't need as many layers and three blankets.  With that much stuff around you makes hard to move and very uncomfortable.  

The bad news I have heard that the so called experts are saying that the higher gas prices will start having a real affect on the economy by the end of the month.  


  1. Continuing to keep you in my prayers. Sounds like good things are just around the corner for you.

  2. 6 more weeks!!!!! You're an inspiration!!!!

  3. I will have to wait and see if it works out. But I am hoping that this time it really will. I have thought it was over a few times and it didn't work out because I had to use the money on something else.

    But if all goes well, this should be almost over.

  4. happy to hear you're finding a place. i think gas prices will stabilize. in mclean, va, it is now down to lower 3.90's. i think we will always be able to tell saudi arabia to increase supply in emergencies. even if we dont buy from them, it will lower prices all over.