Thursday, April 21, 2011


I found bananas for .19 each and naval oranges for .33 each.  I bought a quite a few.  I have a sweet tooth and cakes are just out of my price range at the moment.  Seriously, I saw a small cake in the grocery store the other day for $10 and it was tiny.  I can't spend money on things like that, so I have been using fruit to satisfy my craving for sweets.  In the past I use yogurt.  But that is another thing that is out of my price range.  While they are only about a dollar, but the containers have gotten so small of late that it just isn't worth spending the money on. 

I had a pretty good sales day again yesterday.  That made me happy.  Although my paycheck in two days is not even $300 for two weeks.  Who can possibly live on that?  A tank of gas is $45.  That was two weeks ago and the prices have gone up since then.  My membership to Costco is still good until August so I can get gas from there and save a couple of dollars on a full tank.  The one nice thing about the weather being warmer is that you can let the gas tank go almost all the way down.  In the winter that is a big problem. 

I am having allergy issues at the moment.  I get really bad ear aches.  My sinuses don't drain really so it goes into my ears.  They then become very painful.  I did splurge with what little money I have left on a generic over the counter allergy medication, but it isn't working as well as my regular prescription meds.  But they are way out of my price range at the moment. 

I still have not heard back from any of the applications I filled out last week.  I sent out more resumes today.  Jobs that I am wildly over-qualified for.  From what I understand companies don't really like hiring people who are over-qualified because they believe that as soon as the job market gets better you will leave for a better job and they have wasted the costs and time for the training that they gave you.  But, the jobs at my past level are just not out there.  I am more than happy to sign something saying I would stay for two years.  But, I guess they are not just willing to give me a shot. 

This Sunday is Easter and I am looking forward to sunrise services.  I just love Easter Service.  It is by far the best service of the year.  While I am getting closer and closer to the day of homelessness, the service will be very uplifting.  I have to keep telling myself that God is trying to teach me something.  Although I don't see too much that I could have done differently.  But, maybe this will make me more sympathetic to others and something very profound will come of this experience. 

I just hope that is not just wishful thinking.  But, at least I am trying to stay positive. 

Have a good day.

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