Saturday, April 16, 2011


Today wasn't a bad day at work.  I actually had some decent sales so I will get a decent amount of money this Friday.  That is a relief.  I need to put gas in my car and buy some more supplies for upcoming adventure.  I call it an adventure just to try and stay positive about what I will be dealing with to come. 

I went and spoke to the state yesterday and it was not good news at all.  Housing is impossible to find.  They are not even putting people on a waiting list anymore.  They told me that they are still going through applications from as far back as 2006.  I find that very hard to believe.  Do they have one employee?  That is five years.  Is it any wonder that I feel that government is inefficient?  I mean the lady had no reason to lie to me, but my gosh it is hard to believe. 

I need to buy a cooler so I can keep a small amount of food in my car.  I can get bag of ice for $1.50 and I figure until it starts getting really hot that should last me for two days.  That way I don't have to buy everything prepared, as that is so much more expensive.  I can buy a small amount of cold cuts and make myself a sandwich.  I of course will have to buy very small amounts so I can eat it within a day.  I also have buy things that won't need to be cooked.  Although at my job they have a microwave so I can use that on the days that I work.  I can fill up water bottles, I kept about five or six them so I can keep something to drink in the cooler. 

I have gotten very good at stretching my food dollars since I have been out of work for the past two years.  I can make $20 worth of groceries go a long way.  But, the prices just keep going up and up as I am sure everyone else has noticed as well.  I also have found that an apple and a bottle of water can be filling; at least for a few hours.  The Super Wal-mart sells some produce at pretty good prices. 

Sometimes I get really depressed at what my life has turned into.  But, then I just repeat to myself that I have to just keep moving forward.  I also have realized that letting myself think about it too much isn't good for me.  I can't really change anything so I just deal with it.  

I also realize that getting upset at my landlord is just self indulgent.  She is a single mom who is trying to pay her bills.  Her ex doesn't give her a dime so she needs the rent money to pay her bills.  She was as patient with me as she could be, and I think she realizes that I am being honest about the promise to pay her back all the money I owe her, which is $1,200.  Which I have every intention of doing as soon as I get settled again. 

After work today I went to local mall and went to 10 more stores to see if they were hiring.  Only one gave me an application to fill out.  Which is more than I usually get.  As I mentioned I live in a big metropolitan area so there are many malls around here.  I also just spent the last hour going through the classified and sent out 8 resumes.  My phone is paid for through the middle of May so I hope that I find something before I have to come up with the money to keep my phone service going.  If I lose that I don't know even know how I would find a job.  No one ever hires you right away anymore, if that ever happened. 

I am going to try and get some sleep.  I have some plans to go to another mall tomorrow.  I also am going to talk to someone at my local church to see if they have an ideas for me. 

Have a good night.

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