Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Here is the latest outrage.  I stopped in this church/social services place that I saw while going by on the bus a few times.  I figured what could it hurt.  I have a bladder infection and I need some medicine.  I was looking for a name of a doctor I could go see.  Someone else paid the last time I went doctor for my feet.

I walk into this place and they have this big handmade poster on the wall that says everyone deserves a home.  I also noticed all these different items laying around that people would need, like bedding and stuff.  I am thinking to myself, oh everyone deserves a home.  Great, right?

It seems that only goes for illegal aliens.  That is all they help.  Refugees they called them.  They told me to walk up the street to a church and they should be able to help me.  So I do.  They tell me that they have no money.  I told the woman I was looking for money, I was looking for a doctor who can give me something so I can't stop going to the bathroom every ten minutes and stinging like crazy when I do.  She said they can't help me.  I asked do they have names of doctors for illegals?  I didn't wait for a response.

Since I have not really stayed in the shelters except when the weather is really bad they can't give me a recommendation, without that recommendation the waiting list is 8 months.  Can you die from bladder infections?  I don't know, but if you can I would think I would be dead before 8 months hits.

Unbelievable.  Like I said, the government spends all this money to "help" the homeless, but it does nothing to address the real needs of people like me.  All the money goes into a black hole.  Government at its finest.

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