Saturday, July 7, 2012


The heat has been unbearable.  It has not helped matters any that much of the area was without electricity for days on end.  Many businesses were out for several days.  I am sure that will be a difficult thing for their bottom lines.

I did find a church that took mercy on me and let me stay there for a few nights when I really had no other place to go.  So that helped.  They didn't keep the air on all night, but it was still better than being without a place to go.

I think everything is back to normal now.  It is hard for me to tell, but where I am, everything is back.  I had read online that some people are still out more than a week later.

All this has really put a dent into my job search, but I found a few good things yesterday to send out to.  I do these work out, because people don't really hire in this area in August, at least historically.

I will try and do better about updating this more often, but with the stolen laptop and the storm that knocked out power for days, it has not been easy.

I hope that is all is well.  Stay cool everyone.  I saw the weather report, we are supposed to get some cooler (only 80) weather early next week.  Only a few more nights of this oppressive heat.  Thank god for that.

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